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Issue 3:
Student Debt

For many, higher education is the foundation for lifelong success. But what’s a degree worth today?

How has tuition increased?

Percent increase in cost of tuition over
the last 10 years:

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How much debt does the average graduate carry?

Total outstanding student debt is estimated to be more than $1 trilion in 2011…

…with $150 billion in private student loans and $864 billion in federal loans.

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Recent graduates from four-year colleges have monthly loan payments that make up a considerable portion of their income.

Loan Payments <10% Income

Loan Payments >20% Income

Unlike other consumer loans, student loans can’t be discharged by filing for bankruptcy.

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40% of those under 30 have outstanding student loan debt. For those 40 and older,
only 7% do.

30 & Under

40 & Older

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Financial aid has subsequently been rising steadily over the past 15 years.

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