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Issue 4:

What is the social and economic impact of immigrants in America?

Where are immigrants and what jobs do they have?

Only 3.7% of the total U.S. population are undocumented immigrants. These states have the highest share of them by:

Population  Labor Force

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These jobs have the highest number of undocumented immigrants:

Building, Groundskeeping & Maintenance
Food Preparation and Serving
Farming  Construction  Production

There are approximately 8 million undocumented immigrant workers—about 5.2% of total civilian workforce.

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Many non-citizens come to America with an H1-B work visa, which allows U.S. companies to hire skilled foreigners.

In 2011, more than 50% of H1-B visas were for computer-related occupations.

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What are some ways immigrants affect the economy?

In 2010, undocumented immigrants paid an estimated $11.2 billion in taxes. Here’s how it breaks down:

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What government services do undocumented immigrants use?

Medicaid*  Welfare  Cash Assistance
Food Assistance Programs

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The five states with the highest number of students with undocumented parents are: Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada
and Texas.

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A recent history of immigration reform…

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